About the Artist

Since childhood, Patrick Kao has been fascinated by art and the creative power of human imagination.  Given the economic realities growing up in Taiwan during its martial-law era, however, Patrick was unable to pursue his art professionally and ultimately followed a medical career.

Nevertheless, as a doctor Patrick still found a way to follow his artistic impulses and chose to specialize in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, and has since spent decades contemplating and creating beauty in living form.  All the while, he continued to pursue his art personally and in private, painting mostly in oils and watercolors.

Since his retirement as a doctor in 2010, Patrick has embarked on a successful second career as an artist, focusing his creative energies on painting in oil and ink.  Unsurprisingly, his personal vision has been shaped by decades as an aesthetic surgeon, and has led to an exploration of the meaning of beauty – and whether the ever-shifting social standards to which his patients strove to attain were merely a camouflage of perception.   Another medium of his development as an artist has been a musing on the traditional still life, a genre that has always intrigued him as in its varied depictions of beauty in simple everyday objects.  Starting with a riff on classic 17th century still life, Patrick’s exploration of the genre has since shifted to an execution focused on composition, dimensionality, geometry and the abstraction of shape and color.

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